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Working out doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a way to really reduce stress, get more sleep, feel and look better. Sometimes people take the gym too seriously or put their fitness goals too high and the gym doesn’t turn into a way to escape from work and other things to work on yourself.

So we want to help you bring some joy back in working out!

Here are some ways you can enjoy working out at the gym!

Bring your media with you

If you bring your headphones you can listen to the TV on the treadmill or listen to some music while you are working out. This will give you some distraction from just the one task you are doing and refocus you to listening to a tempo or your favourite show, you will find that you are able to enjoy equipment you are working out on a lot more.

Work out with Some Friends

If you make some friends at the gym, help each other with yours and their fitness goals. They can keep you motivated and on schedule while you can have fun communicating and working out. Work together to make each other better!

Dress for Success

Get some new gear and show it off at the gym. Feel confident as you stroll in their with new running shoes or workout attire. If you look good you will probably feel good too!

Change it up

If you have a routine that you like to do, maybe there are different exercises or machines you can use for the same work outs. Change up your cardio, do the bike instead of jogging, or try an erg machine for different forms of cardio. That way you will keep your body away from routine and have fun.

Get a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can show you different moves and exercises to help you reach your fitness goals, this can also result in exercises you haven’t tried before. Which can bring some variety to your work out. Who knows, you might love a lot of the exercises they show you!

Work Towards a Goal

With the Tough Mudder that happened last weekend, a lot of people trained for how gruesome and exhausting it was. If you have a goal, like being a Tough Mudder, get some friends and go for it!

So change it up, get a workout buddy, get some music playing, get a fitness trainer, and work towards a goal to make working out more fun!