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Only store raw meat in THIS area of your fridge

Here’s a quick health tip you probably weren’t aware of: if storing raw meat in your refrigerator, make sure to keep it on the bottom shelf all the way in the back. Because hot air rises, the bottom of your refrigerator is always colder with the back corner being the coldest. Not only will this storage location keep your meat fresher for longer, but it also keeps the rest of your refrigerator sanitary as raw meat isn’t dripping down on the rest of your food from above!

Here’s another tip about produce: don’t wash your fruits and veggies until just before you eat them. Drenching them with water and then storing them will only cause the extra moisture to spoil them faster, so hold off on washing your favorite produce items until you’re ready to chow down!

And today’s final tip:

While certain oils can do wonders for your health, there’s one particular oil from a common seed that you MUST avoid at all costs (even though it’s touted as being extremely healthful). Simply put, this rogue oil is without a doubt the #1 WORST oil for your heart, brain, and skin, only you’ll find it in common foods everywhere including:

Frozen foods
Salad dressings
Baked goods
Protein bars
Peanut butter

And too many others to count.