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Lose 9 LBS IN 9 DAYS with this secret weapon

With Beyond Diet, I’ve always recommended slow and steady weight loss.

This is because crash diets, fad diets, and quick-fixes like liquid cleanses or pills are proven to lead to yo-yo dieting and health problems like nutrient deficiency, hunger, fatigue and illness.

But losing weight fast is not the problem – it’s the way so many of these fad diets and quick-fixes go about it.

They expect you to live off of juice, or soup, or processed shakes. They expect you to live with extreme calorie restrictions or the side-effects of their chemical concoctions. None of this is good for you or will produce permanent weight loss, BUT that doesn’t mean there isn’t a BETTER way to lose a ton of weight in a short amount of time.

My new 9 day cleanse is a healthy, immune-boosting way to break through your plateaus, reverse toxic damage, and set yourself up for long-term fat loss.

It works by “resetting” your system, eliminating toxins, healing your digestive tract, and burning fat with nothing but the power of whole, nourishing foods in precise combinations. And the best part is that these combinations are formulated to burn fat all day long (even while you sleep!).

Many BD members have already seen great results and written to tell me about it. One of my favorite letters came from BD member Janet…

“Isabel, I think you’ve come up with a wonderful boost for your BD members who may be looking to do something like this.

What surprised me was that there was no urgency to the bathroom visits. I was able to continue with life as-is and do everything I needed to with little disruption. Very pleased.

I really didn’t expect much in terms of success. I figured if it helped me by fixing some digestive issues and getting me losing weight again (and if I could lose a couple of pounds to boot), I’d be thrilled. I was pleasantly surprised at losing 9 lbs. in 9 days! I’m ecstatic!”

So if you’re ready to start losing weight (without disrupting your life), you can do it with the BD Super Cleanse today.